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The first thing that thrilled me about the prospect of running a business called The Voice Bureau was its name.

I wish I could remember the first time I heard the words ‘The Voice Bureau’ deep in my spirit. I’m guessing I was in the shower. (I’m a Pisces. We work well in water.)

Yep, that’s probably gonna be it, I said to myself. A boutique branding and copywriting agency deserves nothing less special. I loved the concreteness, the specificity, the quality of feminine authority, and the sense of place the name conjured. For me, there’s nothing like crafting a business with a strong sense of place, especially in this digital world we’re working in.

Words, language, voice — they help our brands to create this sense of place.

I’m Abby Kerr, Founder & Creative Director of The Voice Bureau.

I’m obsessed with voice, and have built a business around it. The Voice Bureau specializes in brand voice development for very small, values-based businesses. We work directly with you, the owner, to support you in authenticating your own brand voice from a place of innate strength. Imagine this: powerful you, sounding like you, speaking with intimacy and authority to your Right People. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • We write copy for small business websites, including conversational sales pages, approachable About pages, and sidebar copy that makes your Right People thoughtfully linger. We handle your social media profile bios, your coaching program’s written materials, even your enewsletter autoresponder. We pride ourselves on provocative headlines and are masters of the vivid verb.

  • We also offer online courses for small business owners around brand voice development, writing your own copy, and managing your interior life as a solopreneur. (Because being human is the first step in having a powerful business and a memorable brand voice.)

  • I personally consult with a small handful of highly engaged solopreneurs each year who are especially interested in developing their brand voice. We work one-to-one and our engagements are relatively short. I come alongside you at a key time in your business, to help you move into the next phase of what your brand is becoming.

  • And for special clients who are working on copywriting with us, we support their process of finding, vetting, briefing, and working with a web designer to bring their visual brand identities to life.

I lead The Voice Bureau’s vision, and I am the creator and voice of our courses, our content, and our social media curation.

For more insight into my work style and lifestyle, or to grab a media bio or headshots, please read my personal About page.

Or learn about The Voice Bureau’s coterie of creative professionals. (Details on how to join us are there, too.)

And finally, here’s what matters to us — a statement of our values.

We’ve got a penchant for smart, sensitive, subtle business owners.

If this is you, we highly recommend you check out our favorite type of client. Is this you?