Home by Design

By Sarah Susanka and Grey Crawford In this book, Sarah Susanka explains the thirty key design practices that can be applied to any size or style home to make a difference in it.

Using one-hundred and fifty inspirational exampled from some of the best home designs around. Sarah helps homeowners make the most out of the spaces in their house giving them a unique perspective.

150 Best Tiny Home Ideas

By Manel Gutierrez Couto As the Tiny House trend takes America by storm this book has some marvellously innovative ways of decorating your Tiny House.

Helping to utilize every corner and maximize your space with unique ideas, color schemes designed to enhance tiny living comfort.

Home Quick Planner

By Daniel K. Reif
This quick planner uses reusable peel-and-stick stickers to help plan your house floor space.  Stick your furniture and design your floor space.

It comes with a 5600 square-foot floor plan on which to remodel and or plan the interior of your home.

It has various architectural and furniture symbols and design stickers for the readers use.  These symbols include things like stoves, tables, dishwashers, chairs, plants, etc.

This is part of a three-part series by this author, the other books include an Architects sketch kit and a 3-D home model kit.