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A few tips and tricks for designing your bedroom and making the most out of your personal space

Your bedroom

As you spend a third of your life asleep your bedroom is one place you need to feel calm, relaxed and peaceful.
There are many ways to make your bedroom seem bigger, smaller, brighter and lot more sleepable.  You don’t have to break your bank if you are looking to have a change and spruce your room up a bit.

How to design your bedroom

Centre your bed against the bed wall
Most house designs have a bedroom wall in the bedroom.  If the house designer knew what he was doing he would have planned this wall in the most strategic position that the plan allowed for.

Ensure to center the bed here.  This way you get a balance when you put the bedside tables next to the bed.

Use smart storage
If your closet is big enough it is always better to put dressers in the closet. Especially if your room is on the smaller size.  This not only keeps your clothes in one place but makes your room look a lot bigger and airier.

Another idea is to use a Kist storage which you can position at the foot of your bed and will double as a sitting place.

Ensure there is an access flow
When designing your room ensure there is enough space to put all your bedroom necessities in.  Ensure can you easily access all corners and sides of your bed.

And easy flow also makes the room seem peaceful, calm and less cluttered.

Make a reading corner
Most sleep experts will tell you to do away with distractions in a room.  By that, they usually refer to having TV’s, computers and various devices in your bedroom. Instead of a TV set find a comfy wingback reading chair, with a nice side table with a space to hold your books and place a warm mug of coffee or cocoa on.

A nice floor standing lamp to light your corner for evening reading and a snuggly throw placed over the back of the chair for those nights you need a bit more snuggle.

This makes a great corner to curl up in at the end of the day and get stuck into a great book which in turn leads to a better night sleep.

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