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How do you know which tiny house design is best for you?

Tiny house trend sweeping the nation

Owning a tiny home has got quite a few followers as many people have opted to ditch their larger homes and take to a tiny house on wheels, semi-mobile or a permanent fixture one. Costing less and living green in tight-knit tiny house communities has become quite the trend.

How to choose the design for a tiny house

#1 Determine the size which best suits you.

  • Have a look at a few Tiny House designs from reputed Tiny House Designers.
  • See which ones would best suit your needs.
  • Choose at least two of your favorites so you can compare them.

#2 Remember that the lofts can play an important part of your tiny house as it will determine your bedroom size. Some tiny houses have space for two small bedrooms. This will also determine the height of your tiny house.

#3 Ground floor bedrooms are great ideas for the elderly and or guest rooms they can also double as a study.

#4 Once you have two plans you can now determine the size of the trailer you need. Some tiny houses do extend past the trailer this is fine, especially in semi-permanent structures. If you are planning to move often then you will need to consider the weight of your tiny house as it will play a major factor in the size of the trailer.

#5 It is time to compare costs of your various plans.
Now that you have your floor plans, trailer schematics it is time to get to work deciding how you are going to decorate your tiny house.

Take in the cost of appliances, materials, electrical, plumbing and sewage hookups.Once they are altogether an architect can help you with various floor plans and design layouts.

Compare your two plans see where you can cut costs if need be.To view a few tiny houses to get a look and feel for them.

Then it is time to make your decision!