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School is always in session around here. Find your right entrepreneurial course.

We believe the best learning is deep and holistic — and we also believe when you’re running a business, learning should be quick and easily implementable.

It’s not that we want to equip you with “just enough knowledge to be dangerous.”

Rather, we want to meet you eye-to-eye with the mindsets that will make you agile and planful in your decision-making. We believe in decision-making that speaks to the whole of your business when possible, and when not possible (because the road ahead is sometimes impossible to illuminate), we believe in making the very best decision for the moment with the resources available.

So in the spirit of ongoing learning and iteration, we offer you our ever-changing array of digital learning experiences.

The Voice Bureau Classroom offers DIY e-courses, individual learning programs, and group learning experiences. Everything we design is meant to increase your online business savvy and translate desirable brand development skill sets that will help you serve more of your right clients with integrity.

Each digital learning experience created by The Voice Bureau is designed by Chief Voice Bureau Officer Abby Kerr, a Masters-level teacher with traditional and alternative classroom teaching experience, and over half a decade in successful brand-led business proprietorship. We’ll always let you know when we’re endorsing an offered created by a collaborative or affiliate partner of ours, and when we’re making a commission from sales of other creator’s offerings.

Available NOW in The Voice Bureau Classroom:

Write Your Authentic About Page . . .

A self-paced course for solo and small business owners, focusing on About page structure, philosophy, and narrative flow. Get your About page — the perfect one for you and your Right People — started, finished, and published!


On being an INFJ business owner . . .

INFJs are Myers-Briggs Intuitive/Introverted/Feeling/Judging types. Learn to work with your innate strengths in business. This course is currently being repackaged as a self-paced study and will be re-released Spring of 2014.


In May 2014, I’ll also be releasing a NEW Mini Module for INFJ Business Owners to complement the core course material.

On Brand Voice . . .

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