3 Design apps for 2018 that every designer could use

The smart device generation

These days we are all reliant on our laptops and smart devices for just about everything.  When was the last time you actually memorized someone’s phone number other than your own?
Or calculated your grocery list in your head?  You probably cannot actually remember because the rise of the smartphone has made our lives really easy.

3 Design apps for 2018 that every designer could use

#1 Behance

We cannot walk around with our portfolios strapped to us.  Behance makes having your portfolio to hand really simple. Not only can show off your designs, you can pop quick ideas together quickly and easily on the fly in case a chance meeting gets you your dream client. It’s like having your business card and portfolio on your phone.
No more cumbersome cards as you can just pop a message to your potential client with all your details on.

#2 Paper

Is a great sketching tool.  Sitting a coffee shop and inspiration suddenly hits you!  No problem uses your tablet or even better Stylus and starts to sketch with paper. Using a digitized pen or even your finger you can use your touch screen as if you were sketching on a sheet of paper.  The great part is it stores you sketches for you allowing you to sort them into a neat folder with times and dates of when you drew them.

You can also then share your drawings through most media applications.

#3 Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great and easy to use tool for quick picture touchups.  For people who already use Adobe products, you will get the feel for this application in no time at all.

There are also a few advanced too for photo editing and a lot of fun tools which make it a lot better to use for photos than Instagram and you can share most of your pieces through social media application.

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