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New Free e-Course Title Announced, Plus Two Voice Profile Winners

March 21, 2012

Coffee with heart design by StuartWebster on Flickr Creative Commons Thanks & love to all the survey-takers!

Thank you to all who participated in this past week’s survey. I asked which of my 3 free e-course ideas would be most useful to you right now.

Here are the survey results:

92 people took the survey. More than half of those left some super insightful feedback around having a voice online. Thank you.
54.3% wanted Creating Relationships With Your Audience Through Language
29.3% wanted Noticing Your Own Brand Language
16.3% wanted Finding Your Voice Once You’ve Lost It

The next free e-course I’ll release will be — Creating Relationships With Your Audience Through Language.

This new e-course will be available for sign-ups very soon. Sign up here to get word as soon as it’s ready {you’ll start receiving my current free e-course on nichification, which is soon to be pulled from the market, when you do}.

And the winners — yep, didn’t stop at one — of the complimentary VOICE PROFILE are:

Naomi Niles

Leslie Forman

I chose these two because they are active and prolific online, and their offerings couldn’t be more different. Naomi is a user experience and user interface designer. Leslie connects entrepreneurs transcontinentally through translation, training, and trade.

Naomi and Leslie, I’ll be in touch with a few details about your VOICE PROFILE very soon.

One VOICE PROFILE client was concerned the other day that I might not be able to ‘read’ her voice because her archives aren’t very deep.

Truth is, I can read a voice from three blog posts, from static site copy, or from a Tweetstream alone. Even if you’re just starting out your online convo and ‘don’t have much to show for it yet’ — you actually do. That’s the cool thing about voice. It’s always with you — even in a single line of type. Click here to learn more.

In the comments, would you be willing to share . . .

What has been challenging for you around creating relationships with your online audience?

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